How to get the medial masks?

The problem is all the world now is short of Medical mask. How can people in Europe or America peoples buy the disposable medical mask successfully?

if we check in Amazon, the medical mask, 3ply medical mask manufacturers disposable mask or disposable face mask all sold at extremely high price. This is not correct but the fact is the whole world is in big shortage of medical masks. In china, when the corona virus happens, the medical mask suppliers or the medical mask manufacturers stock werer run out in one day and have no medical mask for sale for certain days

Goverment bought all disposable masks out from the medical mask manufacturers or from the surgical mask manufacturer for hospital use first. Becasue docotors need the disposble medcial mask much more than the ordinary people as well as the medical protective clothing. Some hospital work staff even stay in the medical mask manufacturers or surgical mask manufacturers factory every day just waiting the dispoable medical mask production at sight.


During the passed year end, due to the shortage of dispoable medical mask, Thousands of new surgical face mask manufacturer or disposble face mask manufacturer are set up in short time in China. But due to high population of China, the disposable medical mask are still in shortage. But the good news now is that today we can buy the disposable medical mask sucessfully from the medical mask manufacturers or surgical mask manufacturer because the corona virus situation getting better in China. Some surgical mask manufacturer or medical mask manufacturers can export to the world with the surplus disposable medical mask or N95 mask. How to contact the right medical mask manufacturers for right medical masks in quick delivery?